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My name is Kayla Bray AKA 'Bugs'

I am 25 years old, a midlands gal', a wannabe creative, animal lover and happiest sucking air (diving) at the bottom of the ocean. 

 The ocean terrifies me as it does for most people, because its unpredictable and a force to be reckoned with. 


'Fun fact' - The last time I sailed I was about 8 and didn't get to complete my course. 


In March I quit my job to sail around the world with my boyfriend and his family.


We are sailing on a yacht called HQ2 which was bought after selling their absolutely stunning family farm in Nottingham road. Most of us never stepped foot on a sail boat until they bought this beauty. 

Our plan is to sail to Australia but visit a lot of places in between for about 2 years, starting in Durban, South Africa. 

Find Out More on our Sailing Trip Below 


The Story of 'The Sailing Bug'

I first started sailing when I was about 8 years old, I never completed my course because the the wind direction changed and I panicked when the boom hit me a few times and capsized. But since then I have had a lot more life experiences with water, the ocean, diving and now sailing HQ2 which makes sailing feel like a breeze. 

I met Dylan my boyfriend of 4 years and Co-Captain of HQ2, whilst studying my Bcom in Digital Marketing and then continued to do my Bcom Honours in Strategic Brand Management. We lived on his farm during the 2020 Pandemic which absolutely ignited our dream of having a farm one day, where I'd love to have fields of flowers and our dogs with us. 

Having studied digital marketing, working at a recruitment agency, I do some design (Logo's/Social Media Content etc.), digital strategy, website design and cv typing/vetting part-time while we are sailing - see my updated CV below. 

Anchor 2
Anchor 1

ABOUT Our Trip

Our trip around the world starts in Durban, South Africa. The bunch of us did our first international trip to Inhaca Island, Mozambique in April 2022 (See blog post below about it) where it felt like the sailing version of baptism by fire but that's a story for another day. 

See video (left) for animation of the start of our trip

South Africa

1. Durban 

2. Knysna

3. Cape Town


4. Luderitz/Port Owen

British Overseas Territory

5. St. Helena


6. Salvador


7. Grenada and Neighboring Islands

8. Panama

Read our blog post about our trip (with more details, YAY!)

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