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Welcome to The Sailing Bug Blog - where I share my experience sailing around the globe on a 75ft beaut of a catamaran called HQ2 with the love of my life. 

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To have the "Sailing Bug" means to "Have  a strong desire to travel across the globe via a sail boat"

In actual fact a 'bug' is a small training sail boat which perfectly embodies what I feel like right now, hitting the high seas with no real sailing experience. The last time I sailed, I did a course with my best friend at the age of 8 and needless to say - the boom went out of control and hit me so many times that I quit. But not this time. Find out more of our adventures below!

Where We Are Right Now

The Sailing Bug Merch

Check out our 'shop' to purchase some beautiful photographs from around the world, South African inspired products and some sailing inspired clothing!

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